Hospital Management System

This Hospital Management System was a final requirement for our Object Oriented Class (Java).

I used Hibernate in order to connect Java with H2 (my preferred database) and I used JavaFX and Scenebuilder for the user interface.

It features various account or user types with specific privileges:

User Privileges:

-Admin:Can access all tabs

-Doctor:Can’t access User

-Nurse:Can’t access User and Doctor

-Housekeeping:Can’t access Patient, Doctor, Staff, and User

Here are the screenshots of the application.

This is the login screen of the program.


1. Patients Tab

– where the user can add patients, edit and view patient information, and discharge patients


2. Doctor Tab

– where the user can add doctors, edit and view doctors information, and delete doctors


3. Staff Tab

– where the user can add Staff, edit and view Staff information, and delete Staff


4. Rooms Tab

– where the user can add Rooms, edit and view Rooms information, and delete Rooms


5. Users Tab

– this tab is only accessible by the admin, and here, the admin can add users of various types, view their information, and delete users.




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