Low Poly | Campfire in the Woods

Hi guys! 😀

I would like to share a simple artwork I made last June 18, 2016. It was raining outside and the streets were silent, so I closed my eyes and I saw a misty forest, then when I looked further through the forest, I saw a light – a campfire. This is a poem entitled, “A Campfire in the Woods”. Enjoy!

A Campfire in the Woods


“At first glance, You might think I am here alone

You might think there is no one with me

But no. Around me, I have the stars and the moon.”


“The blaze of the campfire, and the breeze of the trees that surround me,

They all tell the most wonderful of stories.

The burning of the wood that gives light,

And the dances of the grass which serves as great company.”


“No, I am not alone.

I am sitting on this log in the middle of the night

Silently thinking about the things I didn’t do right.”



And, oh, here’s the behind the scenes. 😉


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