I am a Freelancer.

Hi there! First off, thank you for stopping by and I apologize of the late posts.

Now, to the topic – Upwork.


At first, I didn’t really like to enter or to even approach the world of freelancing, but, when we had this two-month long summer break from college, I couldn’t bear seating around doing nothing (I went out with my friends, but, most of the time I’m was at home doing my own thing). Yes, I still made prototypes and 3D designs during that two-month period, but, it still felt like I was missing on something big. Plus, I was, and still am, worried about my scholarship and my other expenses. So, I thought of looking for a summer job, but, I’m kinda lazy to go to an office everyday, so I looked up freelancing.

Enough with the “but’s” and let us fast forward to a more recent event.

Here, I am finished with my Upwork account and polished my website to act as my portfolio, and everything was going fine until I submitted proposals for 20++ jobs and two weeks had gone by and I still don’t have a job. I felt like quitting because I’ve already invested some of my time to this and still nothing.

So, here I am about to quit, then when I turned on my wifi at home, I noticed this email notification. It was from Upwork, telling me that I have an invitation for a job interview. Now, at this point, I’ve already received quite a number of invitations for interviews but when I submitted my resume/portfolio, none of them contacted me again, so, I didn’t have high hopes for this one. Still, I sent my portfolio to the guy who invited me for an interview.

Then, one night (around 11 pm), I was programming a little prototype I had in mind when I receive an invitation for a video call. I was shocked and surprised that I literally jumped of my chair and rushed to set up my desk for the interview (you need to understand, I have a very very messy table). The call was from my client, Jeff H. (I have a separate blog for my experiences with Jeff)

My first client, everything went well, I can’t really say that something went wrong. Everything went smoothly, I did what I was asked to do (with some extras) then I got paid. It was not that big, but it’s something, especially for a student like me.

From then on, I realized that, wow, this [Upwork/freelancing] is just like life itself, everything might not be how you expected it to be at first, but, if you persevere and be patient, greatness or success will surely come to you. Another take away is that if you ever feel like quitting or like giving up, look back…look back to the reason why you started doing whatever it is you’re doing.


Thank you for your time! 🙂

With the story above, Looking for a freelancer for your game/project?

You can check me out here in these sites: Upwork and Fiverr



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