Ice Princess Nix

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
Nelson Mandela

Some of you may know already that I love learning and I love art. I started drawing when I was still a kid, around 4 or 5 years old, I guess. And like every one else, I was not that confident with my work. I always think of the idea or fear of showing your creations out in the world then receiving criticisms about things that you might have done if you only have more time to iterate.

I still remember the first time I showed my work back in the 5th grade, during our art class. It was a pastel portrait of the Iron Man suit. Some of my classmates liked it and praised me for doing a good job. But, majority pointed out the proportional mistakes of the portrait. I’m fine in receiving criticisms now – I’m actually looking for it – but back then, it hurt like hell.

Well, that story aside, I “come and go” in doing art because I also make games and there are times when I just want to program and make a prototype instead of making art; and there are also times that I just want to write poems, shorts stories, and other stuff to clear my head.

Initial artwork using pencil and a bond paper
Initial artwork using pencil and a bond paper

This piece is one of my drawings during our break time at the university. The signature was cropped when I scanned the image, but the date is 4/27/2017. During break times, I usually go to the library or the computer laboratory to study about game design, psychology of games, and other game related stuff. Or, I go anywhere with a power outlet and make random game prototypes with my laptop. Or, if I’m burnt out because of hours and hours of working, I go out with my friends to play or just have fun.

I actually don’t know what I was thinking when I was drawing this. I just zoned out and drew a girl standing near a cliff. From there, I thought of making it look like she was about to commit suicide but then, I added a Godzilla-like creature and noticed that it was more interesting. So, I went with it.

I was actually planning on making a digital version of this using Photoshop but, my tablet broke. So, I decided to make it in 3D using Blender instead.

First render without mist
First render without mist

The original setting of the scene was supposed to be on a green mountain; but, I had a hard time doing a shader that looks like realistic soil, so I went with snowy mountains instead.

The stars look fine but, I felt like something was missing. I tried adding vignette (because people love those), but it wasn’t filling the gap that I felt. Then I thought of Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Skyrim. The idea kicked in and I was like: “Oh! Mist!”

Final render with mist. There are still stars there...somewhere.
Final render with mist. There are still stars there…somewhere.

Then I came up with this, there was still something missing but, I ignored it and just moved on with the story for the scene. Here’s a snippet of what was going on in my mind:

Nix, the Ice Princess of Crystalia, the city hidden in the snowy mountains, is a very kind and charming girl. The people of the city admires her sweet and gentle smile every time she walks around the city.


But, one day, his loyal knight, Steiner, rushed to her door and woke her up. “Princess! It’s your father.”, said the knight panting.


They went to the castle clinic and saw King Ashura covered with his own blood and his arm bitten off. The clinic was full of soldiers half dead. “They went on to hunt the great winter beast.”, said a young nurse. The princess fell deep into agony until one night, she woke up to a loud growl which sounds like a mixture of a man yelling, an ice mountain lion’s roar, and the echo of death. It was the winter beast, Frigore.


The princess and her loyal knight, Steiner, went out to hunt the beast themselves. Although the princess was feeble and weak with the sword, she was well versed in the arcane arts of magic.


They approached the location where the sound most likely came from and as they got closer, the sound became louder and louder until they arrived at a cliff and there they saw it.


A shadow hidden by the mist of the valley as big as the mountains themselves. The beast stood on two feet and its tail swung with a booming sound. It turned around and growled so loud that Steiner was stunned. Nix waved both of her arms in a circular manner; then a huge sphere of pure magic covered them both just in time to block the shards of ice that flew towards them. The shield protected the princess very well, but Steiner was not so lucky. A small shard hit his helmet so hard that he fell unconscious. After another loud growl, the beast faced the princess and walked towards her.


“The Ice Princess – Nix Koud of Crystalia. You dare stand before the great Frigore?!”, said the beast without moving its jaw. The beast stared straight into the princess’s eyes like it was ready to suck her very soul with just its glance.


“Telepathy. So, you can understand, winter beast.”, yelled the princess before creating a sign with her hand that caused her hair to grow longer, her eyes to turn red, and the ground around her to tremble.


“The secret arts of the dragon slayers! How did you- who are you?!”, said the beast followed by a growl.


“I am Nix Koud von Crystalia, the Ice Princess. Daughter of Ashura Koud von Crystalia. Master of the arcane arts of magic – and a Winterhold Dragonborn. Prepare to die, beast!”, yelled the princess while staring at the beast’s eyes.

There, just random words and names that popped up in my head while writing. Anyways, thank you and if you want to see how I did this, you can check it out here:


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