Who is Neil Mark Corre? What was MakulitStudios and why change?

Hi there! 

First off, thank you for visiting my portfolio. In here, you can view most of my works (screenshots, timelapses, etc.).

For those who are here to just know what I can do, here is a summary of the applications I use and the things I know:


You can find my works here (games, artworks, videos, articles, etc.):

YouTube : /neilcorre2k6  or   /NeilMarkCorre (Formerly: MakulitStudios)

Twitter: @NeilMarkCorre

GameJolt: @neilcorre2k6

itch.io: neilcorre2k6

DeviantArt: neilcorre2k6

LudumDare: neilcorre2k6

VGamerz: neil-mark-corre


Ok, onto the long introduction…

Who am I?


Hi, I am Neil Mark Corre, I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in college, but, by passion, I am a game developer. I was playing games since as far as I can remember, starting with the VCD players with those built-in “69-in-1”, “101-games-in-1”, etc. of the ’90s.

As for my technical skills, I learned programming (thanks to my brother for introducing me to the world of programming) back when I was, I think, 10 years old? My brother introduced me to HTML because he noticed that I was already scripting in Macromedia Flash (yes, it wasn’t Adobe Flash back then, and you can find my works somewhere on Newgrounds). From there on, I started to learn by myself and my brother started to give me these small projects (using Java) like, making him a library for our console games, making my own “website”, etc. Then for the designing part, I started to draw back when I was still a toddler. I just grabbed a pen or a pencil and just drew on everything like a normal kid would. But, when I was in my elementary days, I dreamed on taking up Fine Arts or any program related to it, but then, I realized that I can study those on my own, so why take it up in college? Plus, it was very expensive back then. This I did, I studied different techniques on drawing until I developed my own. Then I moved to digital arts. My interest in digital arts started when I saw my brother making a shooting game (he is a Computer Science major) and I noticed him making these 3D models (back then, he was using Maya), so I was amazed. So when he wasn’t looking, I jump on his PC and started messing with his stuff, until I got my own laptop…this is when, things get serious.

With my own laptop, a new window of opportunities and possibilities opened up. “I have my own hardware!”. I was in high school when I made my first game. And from there on, I realized that I can actually make games, and so I did. I made a bunch of prototypes. And just did whatever comes into mind. Up until now, I just sit in front of my laptop thinking, wondering what game to make or which gameplay mechanic to try to recreate.

What was MakulitStudios?


First off, “Makulit” is the Tagalog (the native language of the Philippines) term for naughty or stubborn or mischievous. I chose this name because of my nature; ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a “sakit sa ulo” (a headache) to my mom and a nuisance to my brothers. But, out of that stubbornness, my curiosity grew strong and I begun to try and learn as much as I could, also, out of my passion in video games (from development to playing), I learned how to create something out of a blank page.

Then, a thought came into my mind, “A lot of indie developers out there are starting their own studios…”, so I said to myself, “Why not start one myself?”, and so I did. I took the risk of putting my “babies” (my works) on the internet, onto the world, through my own studio – MakulitStudios.

After finishing college, I thought of making my name as my brand. That way it will be easier to link myself to my works. Thus, I changed my brand from MakulitStudios to NeilMarkCorre. MakulitStudios will still be in my heart, since a lot of people know me because of the videos I put up using that name. And, of course, because I’m still a “sakit sa ulo”.

I think that long history is enough for you, fellas, out there to have an idea on who I am.

Thank you and be sure to check the links above. Have a good one! 🙂

One thought on “Who is Neil Mark Corre? What was MakulitStudios and why change?

  1. Hello Neil,

    Hope you are doing good.

    My name is Laxmikant and I represent a group of professional QA testers, having experience of over 1000 Games and Apps on all major platforms. With your permission, I would like to share our portfolio with your team.

    We are happy to provide you bug reports based on a quick quality audit for your Game/App at no cost. If you find value in our submission, you can try our most competitively priced premium services in the future 🙂

    Feel free to reply if you are interested.

    Best Wishes,
    Laxmikant Thipse


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