Should I Embrace Silence?

Back in 2014, I thought of re-learning how to draw using charcoals and I also would like to tackle some issue or something sensitive. Now, a lot came to my mind and I settled with how, despite the current state of the world’s education and culture, there are still some instances when women are not given the chance to be heard. That became my inspiration to draw the piece.

You can see in her eye that she is looking a little bit to the left of whoever is in front of her and that her eye reflects sadness and despair. Then, there’s the cloth in her mouth symbolizing the silence imposed upon her.

Ice Princess Nix

Nix, the Ice Princess of Crystalia, the city hidden in the snowy mountains, is a very kind and charming girl. The people of the city admires her sweet and gentle smile every time she walks around the city. Until one day, everything changed.